Installation Notes for Windows Users

If you are running Windows on your machine, you might find this checklist of activities helpful:

  • Before running the Windows installer, shut down your command prompt (cmd.exe) and/or Cygwin applications.
  • After running the installer, you will also need to install nodejs, from the Node JS website. You can choose the option that says "Recommended For Most Users."
  • After completing the NodeJS installation, open a new command prompt (or Cygwin) window and type in elm repl at the command line. If you don't see this message, you are good to go! If not, consult an instructor or TA:
$ elm repl
The REPL relies on node.js to execute JavaScript code outside the browser.
I could not find executable 'node' or 'nodejs' on your computer though!

You can install node.js from <>. If it is already installed
but has a different name, use the --interpreter flag.
---- Elm 0.19.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Say :help for help and :exit to exit! More at <>

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